Dancers—even the most talented and dedicated—face formidable odds at regional, national, and international competitions.

In-studio training and rehearsal is irreplaceable. However, targeted, one-on-one ballet training will improve line, strength, alignment, technique, musicality, dynamism and projection that will give the dancer an edge in any category. Additionally, private coaching can transform a solo or duet from a simple vehicle for showcasing a dancer’s talent into a dynamic and persuasive work of art. 

Pam has worked extensively coaching dancers and as rehearsal director for ballet and modern dance companies. Her eye and artistry help dancers maximize both the choreography and their talents.

Private Coaching

Master Classes

Classes begin lying on the floor. Here dancers become familiar with and work to improve their range of motion, strength, and alignment. The barre and center portion continue the focus on technique, alignment and correct use of muscles, as well as balance, visual awareness, dynamics, space and musicality. The attention to detail at the beginning of class pays off in the center portion of class with fast, fun, invigorating dancing.  The progression of the class helps students to understand that a mastery of technique allows them to dance with joy and freedom.

Designed for pre-professional and serious students.

I teach people how to dance, and it’s really that simple. Ballet is the medium I’ve chosen to use. I know a dancer in audition or rehearsal will be required to use his or her body in new and extraordinary ways. I prepare dancers to perform under any conditions.
— Pamela Critelli

Specialized Classes

Informed by her time teaching for Zena Rommett at her studio, Pam’s body alignment technique increases flexibility and strength, improves line, changes musculature, and helps keep students injury-free. This floor based technique is helpful as a supplement to ballet class, but can also stand on its own as a training regimen.

FoundationaL Body Alignment for Dancers

Injury Rehabilitation Coaching

Injured dancers want to recover and get back to dancing as quickly as possible. But intelligent injury rehabilitation is key.

Pam works with injured professionals and amateurs to speed recovery by strengthening muscles groups surrounding the injury. Her sessions also help injured dancers maintain overall strength and endurance so they are ready to get back to the studio and stage at full capacity. Most important, she works with them to reorganize movement patterns and other habits that may have contributed to the injury, to avoid reoccurrence of similar problems.

Teacher Training Workshops

Why can’t that gifted dancer turn well? Why does this teenager keep injuring her back?

Even teachers with extensive experience in ballet can find it difficult to identify anatomical or technical problems in their students. And it can be even harder to know how to help students correct these problems.

Pam’s Teacher Training Workshops help teachers analyze problems—from fundamental alignment issues to subtle miscues in timing —and to find solutions that work. She identifies common problems and gives teachers exercises to correct specific issues, as well as helping them learn to spot problems and create their own solutions.

for Argentine Tango Dancers 

Ballet training gives tango dancers an understanding of alignment that allows them to properly support their weight and maintain balance. Pam’s foot-strengthening exercises prepare female dancers to take full advantage of the high-heeled tango shoe. 

Specialized group classes and private lessons offer professional Argentine tango dancers and social tango dancers the opportunity to improve the quality of their dance. 

Gymnast Training

For gymnasts, good ballet training can make the difference between a so-so and winning score. Pam’s customized ballet training imparts the graceful lines, correct alignment, and refined dynamic approach that have become a requirement in elite gymnastics.

Gymnastics is a demanding sport, one that can take a toll on a young athlete’s body. Pam’s specialized training for gymnasts builds strength, teaches proper alignment habits, and offers safe approaches to difficult and sometimes dangerous moves.

Pam is as tough and disciplined as she is caring, sweet, and tons of fun! Our weekly sessions changed my core and gave me a new understanding of the alignment of my body.
— Angeles Chanaha, Professional Argentine dancer and teacher
Photo by Eduardo Patino

Photo by Eduardo Patino